Super Slow Mo: A Camera Shutter at 10,000 Frames Per Second

Capturing what our eyes often cannot catch or comprehend in real time is just one of the reason that I love photography. And capturing what our eyes cannot see in real of what happens inside of a camera while often capturing what our eyes cannot catch brings us pretty close to Inception like results! 

Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys used a Phantom Flex to film what happens inside of a camera every time I take a picture at an astonishing 10,000 frames per second, and the results are amazing. It is incredible to think through how much happens in order for each image to be absorbed by the camera's sensor, and that the camera's internal components hold up to such bursts of mechanical violence for hundreds of thousands of exposures! 

Check out the video and be amazed at the wonders of technology every time we take an image!




**Photo credit for header image to: Macguffin56

Jeremy EcholsComment