New Years Eve - Seattle, WA

Well, I had high hopes and expectations for this year's New Year's Eve celebration. I got a connection to watch the fireworks from a rooftop nearby Seattle's famous Space Needle. I brought all of my photography gear and arrived early to stake out a spot. As the sun set, the sky was gorgeous!

However...minutes before the fireworks show was set to start, the thickest patch of fog quickly rolled in and planted itself RIGHT in front of the Space Needle! This led to the Space Needle becoming virtually invisible behind the fog and, thus, creating an epic fail of an attempt to photograph the fireworks shooting from the Needle. 

Here are the hilarious results.

The closest I was able to get one was a halfway decent shot utilizing my fisheye lens by switching to it during the show.

Fortunately, I since I came early and camped out at the spot for a while - all is not lost. When you're on a rooftop in Seattle with one of the most gorgeous skylines around you, you take advantage of it. As such, I was able to pull off some quality city shots before the fireworks show. 

You can see those here:

Till next time, be sure to go check out the galleries filled with tons of other pictures!

Jeremy Echols3 Comments