Seattle Sunrise Photography

Seattle is known for being a city of rain and grey. This is because that is what we get here all of the time. We are known at times as being in the "Pacific NorthWET." I confess, I understand why people have this view of Seattle. With as many cloudy and rainy days as we get in this city, we have certainly earned the reputation.

However, what people don't often realize is that when it isn't rainy and is absolutely stunning here. Our skies light up with all kinds of colors. The fact that we are surrounding in every direction by beautiful mountains becomes clear as the clouds stop covering them up. It is times like this that this great city becomes the dream of any photographer. 

Thankfully we had a morning like that just recently (and I am even more thankful that I had my camera available and ready to capture the view). I took full advantage of the amazing sunrise by grabbing my camera and heading up to our roof to photograph the spectacle. Mt. Rainier was out in its full glory to the south of Seattle, and the sun lit up the entire sky with amazing color. To add to the amazing way the sunrise was on display in the sky, there was a good amount of fog resting along the horizon covering the area around my spot on our roof. Enjoy the shots I was able to get during the brief sunrise below. 

 As always, these images are available for purchase as prints, or check out my other work through the gallery link above. 

Also, if you have any ideas for photography that you would like to see done around Seattle (as well as the greater Puget Sound region), please let me know! I'm always up for going on an adventure with my camera gear!

Jeremy Echols7 Comments